This is MIGHTY.

Cameron Uher has been a Founding Board Member of Bee Mighty since it was merely an idea. She began by personally mobilizing friends and family to support moving our home and family to be closer to the hospital, when our son was in the NICU. Cameron continued to raise her hand in support, as we discussed ideas of how to start a non profit and the need in our community. She stepped in as Treasurer of Bee Mighty at launch, serving a vital role of analyzing our funds and determining the tipping point of when we could start funding families.

Cameron started by donating her time and funds regularly, but also increased local awareness asking for donations in lieu of birthday gifts for her children and establishing her new home as a foundation to spread the Bee Mighty mission during a home tour, selling Bee Mighty candles, tshirts and marketing materials to neighbors and throughout the community.

Cameron and Paul Uher have two beautiful children and are both employees at Wells Fargo. Her senior role at Wells Fargo demands much of her time, yet Cameron continues keep her family the priority, and still finding time to hold a leading role with Bee Mighty year after year. She also works with Wells Fargo for a Sponsorship and dedicated partner to our Bee Something For Bee Mighty annual gala.

She is mighty.

If possible, Cameron has again displayed her commitment to Bee Mighty, when she applied for the 2017 Wells Fargo Volunteer Service Award. Wells Fargo awards grants around the country to winning applicant’s favorite charity. There are a number of different levels and awards, starting at $1,000.

Wells Fargo received over 650 applications. Cameron was selected as one of the top sixteen.

Thanks to Cameron Uher, Bee Mighty has been awarded the most prestigious award of $10,000.

“I am so thankful to work for a company so committed to its’ employees and our community.” – Cameron Uher

Thank you, Cameron, for your vision, tenacity and commitment for our mission to help babies in the community.

This is Mighty.