Advisory Board

The Bee Mighty Advisory Council is comprised of a team of doctors, nurses, business men and women, philanthropists, social workers and fellow micropreemie parents who work together to provide for an underserved population of NICU graduates. Once a family has exhausted all other community, state and federal funding for a child’s development, Bee Mighty becomes active, allowing families a financial reprieve when no other option is available to them.

The Bee Mighty Advisory Council believes:

· Every child deserves access to resources that can dramatically improve his or her development.

· Each child has unique needs for medical therapy and equipment.

· Therapy and equipment costs should not limit a child’s treatment or development.

· In supporting traditional and non-traditional therapies.

· In good stewardship of funds allocated for therapy and equipment.

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Please select “Bee Mighty Fund” under Gift Designation to ensure your donation is properly directed. The Bee Mighty Fund is managed by The Novant Health Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)3. 


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