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Bee Mighty Launch Party

29th November 2012

Bee Mighty Launch Party

While we have been working away behind the scenes, finalizing 501(c)3 status, developing valuable partners, creating a brand and forming the Bee Mighty board, we officially launched our foundation November 17th, 2012. Bee Mighty launches simultaneoulsy with World Prematurity Awareness Day. 

Janie Reynolds, together with Stephanie and Will Reynolds hosted a spectacular event, complete with a myriad of preemie information, including the staggering statistics of premature births (1 in 8). The program consisted of Bee Mighty Founders, Candace & Michael Richter, walking through their personal struggle of having a micro preemie and the battles they faced to find coverage for therapy for their son, now 22 months. 

Ann Guilde, Speech Pathologist from Child and Family Development, followed the Richters with her experience working with preemies and their critical need for therapies and equipment at such an early age. Finally, Beth Crigler, from The Presbyterian Healthcare Foundation, spoke of the Foundation's commitment to Bee Mighty and gratitude for such a beneficial partnership. 

The night was a tremendous success, exceeding their fundraising goal and creating prematurity awareness throughout the community. This is just the beginning for Bee Mighty.

Thank you to Photography by Chanda Pope, who donated her time and talent to capture the evening, our gracious donors and exceptional hosts.