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Hot off the Press

15th October 2012

October 17th, 2012 - Molly Grantham, from WBTV, posted the following write up on Bee Mighty.
Special post here about a Charlotte family I'm getting to know, and am wildly impressed over.

This is Shaw Richter. He is now 21 months old. He was born a micropreemie at 27 weeks old and only 2 pounds. (These are standard sized safety 
pins.) His parents and older brother, who's now 3, have gone back and forth from Presbyterian Hospital Shaw's entire life. Medical testing, treatments and surgeries are a part of their life as they adjust to being a "special needs family".

Shaw's mom, Candace, is starting a foundation called Bee Mighty. It's to help babies in Presbyterian Hemby's Neonatal ICU... those families who suddenly face significant medical battles and limited financial resources. Candace says this is the most important time for families to focus on each other without the added stress of financial ruin. She should know. Her family is still fighting. Despite it all, her attitude couldn't be more positive.

Bee Mighty is an established 501(c)(3). It's officially kicking off its launch in November, World Prematurity Month. You might start seeing billboards in the next few weeks -- Presbyterian Hospital is involved and using Shaw in a billboard campaign.

What can you do? Be aware. Like "Bee Mighty" on Facebook. Share their story. And mostly... read the Bee Mighty website. Candace is a beautiful writer/photographer and explains it well.

There are also Bee Mighty t-shirts for sale on the site. I feel like we'll be hearing more about this family and group in weeks and months to come. Shaw is a lil' survivor. His family wants others in his situation to be as well.