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Music Therapy For Special Children

28th February 2013

Charlotte, NC - Arise and Shine Therapy is an innovative, private, outpatient physical, occupational, speech and music therapy practice dedicated to improving the well-being of children and families. Beginning on February 26th, 2013, they will be offering a FREE screening once each month for those interested in exploring these therapies.

January was Music Therapy Advocacy Month, and Music Therapy is just one of the therapies Arise and Shine offers. 
Elizabeth Schwartz, co-Founder of Center for Early Childhood Music Therapy and Music Therapy Supervisor at Alternatives for Children shares“Music Therapy is a well-established, research-based profession in which music is used to accomplish therapeutic and educational goals. Music Therapy helps to improve cognitive, social, physical, psychological, and communication functioning. The interventions used in Music Therapy aid in fostering skills across the entire developmental spectrum for children with special needs. Music Therapists encourage a child’s sense of exploration and wonder as they focus on the goals. The music is carefully crafted to provide for success and motivation”.  
Children are engaged singing songs, using musical gestures, playing special instruments and learning through music in order to meet individual goals and objectives. Goals and outcomes may include the learning of academic concepts, increasing cooperation and appropriate social behavior, providing avenues for communication, increasing self-organization and self confidence, and improving motoric responses and competence.
“Most importantly, music is motivating, fun and provides for success!” says Schwartz.
One mother of a young son with cerebral palsy said that enrolling in music therapy, “paid off in spades.” Judy Winter, author of “Breakthrough Parenting for Children with Special Needs,” describes the experience as a resulting in ‘remarkable gains, including enhanced motor skills, greater communication skill, heightened self-esteem and increased motivation in his daily activities, including homework.”
For more information on music therapy or to attend one of the upcoming free screenings, please contact:
Arise and Shine Therapy
p. (704) 778-7192
3727 Rose Lake Dr. Suite 103
Charlotte, NC 28217