Letter From Our Founders

We are so grateful that you found Bee Mighty. We know spending time in the NICU was not part of your plan. We also know that while the NICU can be overwhelming, coming home to learn that you have limits on what you can provide your child for their development is shocking.

We know because we are former NICU parents and our hope is that we can fulfill a void, relieve financial burdens and provide you with some comfort that you are not alone.

While every NICU journey is unique, we have scrubbed our hands raw before holding our baby, cried tears we didn’t know we had left and felt overcome with worry and despair. While we may not have walked in your shoes, we have walked down those isolating NICU corridors and pleaded over our child’s isolette.

Five years ago, we founded Bee Mighty because we realized these NICU kids may have additional challenges to overcome and milestones to reach that they may not be able to do without the assistance of therapy and/or equipment. We want to be able to give these children the extra chance they deserve, regardless of financial state or circumstance of their unique birth.

We have provided adaptive bikes for a teenager who just wanted to ride a bike with her brother. We have provided grants for children to go to camp, built confidence through horses, provided wheelchairs, adaptive car seats, cranial bands and countless hours of physical, occupational and speech therapy.

On that epic evening in 2012, Bee Mighty announced:

“We believe families should not have to choose!”

If therapy is the difference between your child being able to walk or talk, Bee Mighty feels families should have the right to explore care for their child without limits. We are committed to easing the financial burden of other families whose private insurance covers a minimum of what their NICU graduate needs.

Over the last five years, we have had the privilege to witness countless stories of hope and grief, as families navigate life after the NICU. We receive letters and emails of children receiving therapy provided by Bee Mighty. With each letter, we are reminded why we work so hard to be able to deliver grants to families just like ours.

While serving 200+ families in our community is a glass-raising milestone by itself, it’s what we envision going forward that is most exciting. To think that together, we can play even a small role in helping the development of a mighty NICU grad is not only extremely gratifying, it’s extremely motivational.

We speak for the passionate team that encompasses Bee Mighty in saying that we are fortunate and proud to be part of this team, doing what we’re doing, helping who we’re helping and shaping the future for these children together. This wouldn’t be possible without you, too: our Bee Mighty families, our partners, our donors, our advisors and our friends and family.

Anything truly awesome started with at least one BEEliever, and we will forever be grateful for your belief in us, as we continue to turn our shared vision into a reality.  We will continue to support the tinniest warriors.

With Tremendous Gratitude,


Candace Richter                                                           Heather Hucks

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Might*y – mīdē/adjective: possessing great and impressive power or strength, especially on account of size.


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