About Mighty Shaw

Our son, the mighty Shaw Richter, was born at 27 weeks, only two pounds and spent 122 days in Presbyterian Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Through brain surgeries, numerous bouts of sepsis, hydrocephalous, a VP shunt, surgery for narrow airway disorder, a stroke, hearing loss, twenty-two spinal taps, multiple broncoscopies, being ventilated and hospitalized numerous times, brain abnormalities, likely cerebral palsy and more… Shaw finally came home from the hospital.

You can read more about Shaw’s journey at www.mightyshaw.blogspot.com.

Our family spent the first year in a medical fog, adapting to life inside of the NICU. While we adjusted to bringing home our medically-fragile son to meet his 15 month old brother, manage RSV season with a snotty toddler, learning medical equipment, scheduling doctor appointments, receiving endless tests and disappointing diagnosis, we finally began to accept that our family now is considered, “Special Needs” – Computing that alone took a long time.

What we didn’t realize until after the first year was the amount of time, energy, tenacity and dedication it was going to take to be an advocate for our child. While only a single income family, we are still exceed Medicaid or SSI/Social Security Disability qualifications. Even with our private insurance, we will spend thousands of dollars out-of-pocket each year for critical therapy for our son that is not covered.

As we continue to fight for our son to receive therapies he desperately needs, I am learning there are many other families like ours that ‘fall through the cracks’ and struggle for similar support for their children. Our initial goal with Bee Mighty is to provide timely financial support (therapy co-payments, subsidizing out-of-pocket therapy expenses, medical equipment like wheelchairs and braces, etc) to the families of the micropreemie population, maximizing the child’s potential and quality of life, while temporarily alleviating the financial pressures and stressors that accompany exorbitant and unexpected medical expenses. These funds will directly impact the lives of the children that have already endured such challenges since birth and give them the best possible chance at their future.

Please submit an application or contact us to learn more.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

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Shaw at  27 Weeks

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