Meet Parker Robinson, our Mighty Bee for the month of December.  Parker was honored to participate in Hugo’s Hero at a recent Hornet’s game – take a look at this awesome video clip from his special evening with Hugo and the Hornets – thank you Charlotte Hornets for this amazing opportunity!

See below to watch Parker’s Hugo’s Little Heroes video.

Let’s start from the beginning, can you tell us how you learned you were pregnant and your initial reaction?

We were planning this pregnancy so I was super excited to add another boy to our family!

When did you find out that things with your pregnancy were not going perfectly?  Did you know you would have to spend time in the NICU?

Everything with my pregnancy went normal. Things went haywire during birth. Parker is our third son and he was sunny-side up and the doctor’s didn’t realize it.  After they turned him, he came right out but his oxygen level was not good so they put him in the NICU.

When did you get to hold your baby for the first time?

They briefly put him on my chest before they whisked him away to the NICU.

When did you know you needed additional therapies for Parker?

Parker was diagnosed with a speech delay at the age of two (both expressive and receptive)  He started receiving speech therapy services at Chit Chat Therapy. Then as time went along and he got a little older we started noticing signs and symptoms of ADHD as both of his older brothers and his father have it. So we wanted to get him evaluated for that. The pediatrician was hesitant towards it until he was 5 years of age. We went to Behavioral Pediatrics down in Columbia, South Carolina for evaluation. We also had him evaluated for ASD as he was showing signs and symptoms of that too. They determined that the reason why he was showing signs and symptoms of ASD was because he was learning that adults had more patience with trying to understand his speech than children his own age.  Then Parker started complaining about his legs and feet hurting when we would do active things like jumping in a bounce house, going to Carowinds or the zoo. So we kept speaking to the pediatrician about this. His ankles were starting to roll inward because of flat feet so we knew there was something going on.  We went to an orthotics place in Rock Hill in where he was prescribed SMO braces that were off the shelf. Parker’s pain still continued in his legs and feet so we continue to try to figure out what was going on. We were then referred to a well-known pediatric orthopedist in a Charlotte practice, who was known in the Charlotte area to be the best for children. When we left there we felt very upset and defeated as she told us that the reason Parker was complaining about his legs and feet is because that Parker knew we would eventually carry him and not make him walk to wherever we were going. That really hurt my feelings. And I knew that there was more to the story. So then we went for a second opinion down to Midland Orthopedics in Columbia and we were sent to get an MRI of his legs and feet at Piedmont hospital. Once we got those results we found out that Parker actually has patellofemoral syndrome as well as his extremely flat feet, that he will live with for the rest of his life.  Being his feet are so flat and his ankles roll in, they are putting extreme pressure on his knees because there isn’t proper alignment, which doesn’t help the situation any.  There is nothing that you can do to fix it but only treat the symptoms. We are also watching his spine for curvature as well due to the misalignment. So then we got custom fitted SMO braces which have changed his life!  He now gets speech services still, physical therapy services for his legs, knees and feet and he also gets OT to help him with his behavioral issues as a result of his ADHD.

How did you hear about Bee Mighty and how was the organization helped your family?

We learned about Bee Mighty through the therapist that Parker goes to at Chit Chat Therapy.  Bee Mighty has helped us fund speech, occupational and physical therapy.

What does a typical date look like with Parker now?

He attends his local elementary school and does part of the day in a special setting and part of the day in a typical classroom.  He gets therapy services weekly outside of the school setting as well.

What are 3 words to describe Parker?

Funny, active and passionate

What does Parker like to do in his free time?

Play basketball, PlayStation 4 and Camping

The Hugo’s Little Heroes program, presented by Sprite, helps honor and encourage patients who have had a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit stay and have received therapy or equipment through the help of Bee Mighty.

Watch Parker at The Charlotte Hornets Game

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