Meet Matthew Lott, our January Mighty Bee helping us kick off the new year.  Here’s to a buzzing good 2019 to our mighty supporters –and especially to Matthew and his family.

Let’s start from the beginning, can you tell us what led you on the road to adoption? Is adoption something you had always wanted to do?

I already had two children via adoption when Matthew was adopted.  I’m single and wanted a family.  I also thought that I’d rather adopt a child who already needed a family than to become pregnant. Adoption was not something I always wanted to do, but I was not exposed to many kids who were adopted as a child, so I didn’t really think of it as an option.

What was the process like for your family until you were able to adopt Matthew? Did you know a lot about him before you adopted?

Adopting Matthew was a hard decision because his paperwork was sparse and I didn’t think he would fit in with our family based on what little information I had.  I asked God to definitively show me if I should do adopt Matthew and He did.  His adoption went through fairly quickly.

When did you learn that he may need extra therapies?

I knew ahead of time that he would need eye surgery and possibly vision therapy as well as OT or PT for his mild Cerebral Palsy.  But most of the therapies that he gets now are geared to Speech and OT skills that he is lacking because of a poor experience in an orphanage for almost 7 years.  His emotional, social, and cognitive development was many times worse than I ever expected.

Share what you are comfortable with about the journey from first bringing Matthew home until now.

It has honestly been a hard journey.  Matthew is very different from my other adopted children and comes from a different background.  He is very needy and headstrong.  His development is very far behind; and his behavior is also taxing.  He can be a sweet boy and he can be helpful at times, but he has a very long way to go.  It is a day by day journey and I have hopes that he can rise above his past circumstances.

How did you first hear about Bee Mighty?

Chit Chat Therapy

How has Bee Mighty been able to help your family?

Matt had music therapy through Bee Mighty.  He loves music and it was a good therapy for him to have and enjoy.

What is a typical day for Matthew like now?

Matt goes to school.  He is in a special settings class and has four hours of therapy each week after schools.  On days he doesn’t have therapy he comes home to play.  He is usually tired by about 7:30.

Check out Matthew and his family enjoying VIP treatment at the Hornet’s game. Two heroes here! Fan favorite Michael Kidd Gilchrist posed for a special photo with Matthew.


The Hugo’s Little Heroes program, presented by Sprite, helps honor and encourage patients who have had a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit stay and have received therapy or equipment through the help of Bee Mighty.

See Matthew at The Charlotte Hornets Game

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